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inTUNE News uses Google calendar - complete with maps, driving directions, and other information to make it easy for your visitors to come and enjoy your event! So, please remember to include FULL address information of the venue location, including ZIP codes, so that the maps can be viewed. Also, please include any venue information - telephone numbers, the Web Site of the Venue, and the Web site and email addresses of the band and/or performers - they will all appear as links in the calendar!

We will be happy to post all on our Web calendar Bluegrass and Folk related events (festivals concerts, jams and get-togethers) in the Southwest, that Southern California bluegrass fans might be interested in going to. Just fill out the form completely and click on the "Submit Event" button at the bottom of this page. A confirmation of your posting will appear after you click on the "Submit Event" button.

Please make every effort to supply as much detail as possible about your event! Especially be sure to provide email, telephone, Web site and contact information, so the viewer of your event knows where to go for more information. Make sure that the event detail is concise and includes all information about what the event will include.

Be sure to give us a few days to get your information posted on the calendar, give yourself (and us) as much time in advance as possible to post your event. Any questions? Contact the Webmaster HERE.

One event per submission please. Events emailed directly to the Webmaster will not be posted - only events posted using this form will be added to the calendar. Thanks for your cooperation.

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