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About BASC

BASC Mailing Adresss: BASC
Post Office Box 10885
Canoga Park, CA 91309

To Contact BASC, email us at

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BASC Board of Directors:
Each member is elected for a 1 year term with the current President automatically serving for one additional year after his/her term of office is over, to preserve the continuity of the Presidency.  Elections are held in June of each year, with nominations taken until the end of March. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Anyone interested in attending a meeting should contact President Harley Tarlitz for confirmation of date and place. We welcome your participation and all are welcome.


Harley Tarlitz - President
Jeff Fleck - Vice President
Ben Weinberg - Treasure
Bob Cesarone - Secretary
Kyle Dunkin - At Large
Seth Oster - At Large
Jim Silvers - At Large
Mike Stein - At Large
David Volk - At Large
Nanette Weinberg - At Large

Join the BASC family! All interested persons are invited to attend BASC Board meetings. For information on joining us at a board meeting, please contact Harley Tarlitz

BASC Advisory Council:
Byron Berline, Tom Ewing, Peter Feldmann, Richard Greene, Herb Pedersen, Phil Salazar, and Tony Trischka.

Working the BASC booth

Harley Tarlitz and Judy Hersh Working the booth

BASC History and Goals:
At a house jam in the Fall of 1992 an old friend Nancy Gillins said, “Ya’ know, we ought to have a bluegrass organization right here in Southern California.”  Nancy spoke to a whole bunch of folks involved in the Southern California Bluegrass scene and the thought turned into a reality in 1993, with the birth of the Bluegrass Association of Southern California (BASC).

The very first meeting of BASC was held at the home of Margo and Ken Tennesen.  Elaine and Clark Weissman of CTMS fame lent their expertise in how to establish a non-profit (501c3) educational organization. And so, from a small charter membership of about 40 bluegrass music lovers, BASC has grown to a membership of over 300, including many sponsors supporting BASC to promote bluegrass music right here in Southern California. BASC goals include:

  • To promote bluegrass music in general, and specifically to promote unity among fans, performers, interested participants, audiences and any organization involved in bluegrass music.
  • To develop, cultivate and improve the public image of bluegrass music.
  • To create an awareness among the general public of bluegrass music’s profound artistic value and its enduring contribution to American culture and heritage.
  • To assist the bluegrass artists and fans in the development, performance and preservation of bluegrass music.
  • To assist any other organization, person or entity in the promotion of bluegrass music, including, but not limited to, increasing the media’s awareness of bluegrass music.
  • To create within school systems events which educate and introduce young people to the environment and artistic satisfaction of participating in and listening to bluegrass music.
  • To present and/or sponsor bluegrass concerts, festivals, seminars, camps and other public events.
  • To influence decision makers and resource providers on the national, state and local level, by conferences, meetings and publications, thereby ensuring the growth of bluegrass music.

Places we’ve been: To further its goals of educating and promoting bluegrass, our presence continues at local festivals, the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest, Supergrass in Bakersfield and the Granada Hills Street Faire as well as a concert series of 2-4 concerts annually. Anyone interested in performing at a BASC concert should contact

Let BASC be part of your musical journey and help us support bluegrass music in Southern California . Our music community is wonderful, supportive and energetic. Have the pleasure of meeting folks who will play a part in your life and who you’ll listen and play with. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Click Here to join the Bluegrass Association of Southern California, and join us in supporting and growing the love and playing of Bluegrass music in Southern California.