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Bluegrass Night

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Celebrate bluegrass music at our on-going monthly Bluegrass Concert (the 3rd Monday of every month) and enjoy some of the finest bands in Southern California!

Monday, July 17, 2017, 8:00pm

Murphy's Flaw  

Provided that you mix four pounds of bluegrass with two ounces of country, an ounce of jazz and a hefty can of whoopee, you'll end up with Murphy's Flaw, a multifarious group of fascinating musicians with even more intriguing backgrounds. This highly cultivated collective of superlative artists consists of journalist-turned-guitarist and banjo player John Bryan, computer programmer-turned-percussionist Bob Reselman, teacher-turned-guitarist Gary Friedman, designer-turned-guitarist and banjo player Frank Harper, fishing boat captain-turned-mandolinist Donald "Buzz" Brown and psychologist-turned-bassist and lead vocalist Arlo Zoos. If bluegrass tunes are considered narratives on the everyday lives of the musicians that play it, Murphy's Flaw will deliver a whimsical series of musical anecdotes well worth your time.


Bluegrass Night is held on the
third Monday of the Month.

Bluegrass Night is held at Viva Cantina. Conveniently located at 900 Riverside Drive in Burbank. Free parking across the street at the bowling alley. You can order off the menu which includes some of the best Mexican food in town. Beer and Margharitas are $3.00 each.

For additional information, please contact BASC at (818) 385-5918 (during the day) or feel free to email BASC at

Viva Cantina. 900 Riverside Drive in Burbank,

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Upcoming Performance Schedule

July 17, 2017

Murphy's Flaw

August 21, 2017 Bluegrass Ghosts
September 18, 2017 Phil Salazar and the Kinfolks