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Bluegrass Night

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Celebrate bluegrass music at our on-going monthly Bluegrass Concert (the 3rd Monday of every month) and enjoy some of the finest bands in Southern California!

Monday, May 15, 2017, 8:00pm

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge came about in 1998 with a focus on close harmonies and vocal blend combined with a solid music bed and some humor in their presentation.

With many musical influences from various genres, the band is not afraid to bring non-bluegrass songs into bluegrass and present them to their audience. Along with traditional bluegrass songs, and originals, the band continues to enjoy bringing smiles to their listeners, as well as some encouragement.

Each member carries with him or her a deep love of all things musical, and the opportunity to share that love helps the band as a whole to present a lively and wholesome show for people of all ages. While the members of WRBB all have day jobs, it is evident that music is their passion and joy.


Bluegrass Night is held on the
third Monday of the Month.

Bluegrass Night is held at Viva Cantina. Conveniently located at 900 Riverside Drive in Burbank. Free parking across the street at the bowling alley. You can order off the menu which includes some of the best Mexican food in town. Beer and Margharitas are $3.00 each.

For additional information, please contact BASC at (818) 385-5918 (during the day) or feel free to email BASC at

Viva Cantina. 900 Riverside Drive in Burbank,

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Upcoming Performance Schedule

May 15, 2017

Windy Ridge

June 19, 2017 Keeping Fire
July 17, 2017 Murphy's Flaw
August 21, 2017 Bluegrass Ghosts