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Rancho Cordillera del Norte

For major concerts the Bluegrass Association of Southern California uses the New Mission Theater located on the historic Rancho Cordillera del Norte. “The Rancho” is a pastoral place that reflects the romance and history of Indian-Spanish-Mexican California. Indeed, the bells in the bell tower, named after Saints, were cast in Latin America during the Colonial Period; the facade of the New Mission Theater was painted by renowned Mission Art authority Dr. Norman Neuerburg in the style of Padre Junipero Serra’s Chapel in Jalpan, State of Queretero, Mexico.

Exciting activities take place on a year-round basis at the Rancho’s New Mission Theater (NMT), a 150-seat live theater with beautifully-landscaped surroundings. Under the direction of internationally-known American Composer/Conductor/Violinist Elisabeth Waldo, the NMT is a multi-purpose facility hosting special concerts featuring her extensive repertoire of Indigenous Music performed “live” by guest performers, as well as art exhibits (curated by Historian Paul Dentzel); dance and musical concerts; theatrical productions; school field trips; workshops; conferences; rehearsals; receptions; company picnics; fund raising events, and more. In addition to a wonderful indoor space, it boasts expansive covered patios and lawns.

The New Mission Theater is operated by the MultiCultural Music and Art Foundation of Northridge (MCMAFN), a tax-exempt organization founded by Elisabeth Waldo (who serves at the organization's Creative Director), that is dedicated to music and art education and the promotion of the performing and visual arts.

For 10 years, MCMAFN has been at the forefront of creating a better understanding and appreciation of the arts, uplifting the cultural environment in the San Fernando Valley. From the beginning, they have pursued this goal by conducting and sponsoring unique and dynamic exhibits and performances.

The charming New Mission Theatre is also available for your events. For more information, call 818-349-3400 or write

The Rancho is located at 9015 Wilbur Ave. Northridge, CA 91324.